Brandon from K2B has won another speech competition. Congratulations! 



In the recent Chinese Speech competitions and Chinese Contests, 3 of our K2 students participated and obtained outstanding results. Congratulations !






K3A Lam Po Hei has achieved 14 out of 15 shields from the Cambridge English Language Assessment test for YLE Starters.

K2A Lam Po Hei has achieved the Outstanding Award for her academic achievement by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers.

She also achieved the Silver Award (Family Group) for the 6th Singing Contest organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union.

Lam Po Hei

The school joined the K1 and K2 Group Putonghua Speech Competition 2014.

The K1 group got the champion and the K2 group got the 2nd runner-up in the competition.






There are six K1 students winning in English Speech Competitions 2014.

They are the school representitives, Chan K. L. (Champion), Jasmine R.(Champion), Julius M.(1st runner-up), Ching L. H.(1st runner-up), Dana L.(2nd runner-up), and Law K. L. (Merit)







There are two students in K1 winning in two Putonghua Speech Competitions 2013.

Chung W. K. and Lee S. H. applied the competitions by themselves.




There are 3 students in K1A winning in many Putonghua Speech Competitions 2013

They are Leung Z.M. (Jamie), Pang H.C. (Auston) and Wong P.H. (Ziv).







Congratulation to our K1 student Leung Z.M. (Jamie), he got the 2nd runner-up in two Putonghua Speech Competition on 23th December, 2012 and 27th December, 2012.

And also our K1 student Pang H.C. (Auston) got the Merit Award on the above two Putonghua Speech Competition. 

Congratulation to Jamie and Auston.  Well Done!