Mission & Vision


We are a proven kindergarten where our young children explore their world for fun, knowledge and challenges.  Our mission is to foster in each student a passion for learning to build upon the values and skills so they are ready to take on future challenges with ease and confidence.  To achieve this mission, we:


  • Provide a safe, trustworthy and welcoming environment that is enriched with interesting materials, resources and equipment for both children and adults to explore and achieve with confidence.
  • Create a lively atmosphere where children start developing linguistic abilities at an early age. Learning and applying English and Chinese languages should be natural and fun.
  • Cultivate positive personalities of persistence, perseverance, curiosity, helpfulness, and taking responsibility through a play-based program.
    Maintain high expectations of our children through a clearly defined set of standards.
  • Encourage children to interact with their peers, learn to contribute and take positions in their mini society.
  • Respond to current trends of child education development and the needs of the parents.
  • Provide a team of dedicated, caring and competent staff.





The history of Greenfield International Kindergarten began when the school was first open in Ma On Shan in 1994. Founding it was a group of accomplished child educators who came together to take their contribution to a new height. Over the years, their meticulous effort blossomed vibrantly with the help of generations of younger but dynamic teachers. Today, Greenfield expands into six strong Kindergartens and Pre-Nurseries in Tseung Kwan O vicinity (Nan Fung and Sheung Ning Road), West Kowloon (The Long Beach) and the New Territories (Tung Chung, Ma On Shan and Sheung Shui).



     About GF


Each of our Greenfield Kindergartens enjoys a different but vital mix of local and international students/parents depending on locations. To our students, it is an excellent chance for them to learn English and Chinese languages and cross-culturally in a realistic environment. To Greenfield, we feel privileged to be able to offer and fine-tune our strong language options to our students, based on the performance of them and the precious feedback from the parents. It is a most rewarding moment for our staff to see a graduating student who is able to express his/her worldly ideas in English, Putonghua and Cantonese, all acquired in the course of their child education in Greenfield.


Greenfield hires qualified and experienced teachers to lead our students. For each school, the teaching staff basically is classified into two teams. The English teaching team, led by an English Head Teacher, consists of native English teachers (NETs) with appropriate qualifications. The Chinese teaching team is composed of qualified local and Putonghua speaking individuals. Greenfield encourages our teachers’ continuous education. Qualifications of our teachers include CE, B.Ed., PGDE and M.Ed.


We also hire experienced caregivers to handle the well-beings of our students. We use our own cooks and nutritional consultants to provide appropriate meals for the children. Dedicated school bus services are also available through our carefully selected transport providers.


     Academic program
Our high quality programs are designed to give children:
  • A wide range of active and meaningful experiences;
  • A solid foundation for life-long learning by developing skills, knowledge, feelings and dispositions;
  • A good attitude to form respectful, tolerating relationships with others and their environment.
  • A motivating platform to allow children to adopt different ways of interacting, respecting, communicating, negotiating, compromising, resolving conflicts and developing relationships;
  • A friendly atmosphere of working with teachers and peers in small groups and of achieving step-by-step growth as a learner and as a person.
  • A variety of literacy and numeracy activities such as reading and interacting with books; writing and drawing; building and constructing; exploring art, craft, science, and physical activities.



Class Options:
Depending on locations, Greenfield currently offers classes conducted in English and Putonghua or English, Putonghua, and Cantonese for PN, K1, K2 and K3.  We provide morning session, afternoon session and whole day session.

Interested parents please feel free to contact our staff for further details.


     Career Opportunity

Early childhood education is not only a career but a passion for our staff. Come join Greenfield if you love to work with children and possess relevant qualifications. Our people are friendly, professional and innovative. We work together as a positive and caring team providing top quality education for our families.


Our team is an international consortium. Greenfield is an experienced employer of both local and international teachers. For the right international NET applicants, we assist in visa applications and offer attractive remuneration packages to help them settle in Hong Kong.


Please forward your resume to our email address for prompt consideration: greenfieldkdg@gmail.com